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5-in-1 Pistol Grip Plyer, 10"

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- 10" Long nose pliers come with additional crimping, cutting, wire stripping & fastener extractor functions
- Offset jaws offers a clear line of sight to the work being performed
- Ergonomic design of pistol grip is easier to use in areas difficult to reach
- Supply better calibration of the hand and forearm during grip exertion, reducing muscle fatigue
- All pliers exceed ANSI and ASME standards


1: 3.5" Long gripping nose pliers to pull, twist, bend and shape
2: Bolt/ Screw extractor
3: 7 Wire strippers with serrated jaw -
  For wires 10-12-14-16-18-20-22 (AWG)
4: Wire cutter
5: Crimper for wires 10-22 (AWG)


- For use with soft wire only.
- NOT insulated. Plastic dipped or slip-on plastic handles are
- NOT intended for protection against electrical shock.
- Never use on or near live electrical circuits.
- Do not strip, crimp or cut a live wire which is connected to a power source as this could cause injury or death.
- Use for intended purpose(s) only.

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