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Damaged screw removers, 3 pcs

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Easy to use, made of the best steel to ensure solidity and allow to quickly take out your damaged screw...  Quick & easy, what to ask more?


The Damaged Screw Remover works Anti-Clockwise with variable speed reversible power
drills by grabbing the damaged screw head and turning it out.


- Damaged Extractor Bit works on any Damaged Phillips, Slotted, TORX® and Robertson® drive screws
- SUJ-2 Material Hardened steel bits for secure bite on fasteners
- 1/4” hex shank fits drills, sockets and screw drivers


1) Select damaged screw remover bit slighter smaller than the damaged screw head.
2) Attached bit to drill, set on the reverse position.
3) Drill into damage screw slowly, applying heavy pressure to back out damaged screw.
4) For hand tool driver, turn counter-clockwise using heavy pressure.

Damaged Screw Removal Set

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Damaged Screw Removal Set