Quality - Innovation - Lifetime warranty - Price


We know that the more demanding we are, the more we will ensure the good performance of your tools over time. This is why our products undergo extensive quality controls.

SBV's commitment is to constantly monitor quality.


Because there is rarely performance without innovation, our Product and Purchasing teams are constantly looking for new materials to improve performance and extend the life of our products. Improving user comfort is also crucial.

Our goal: to provide our customers with the best possible use value for all their projects.

Lifetime warranty

The lifetime guarantee of SBV products is only the consequence of our constant efforts on quality.

You send us back your defective tool and we exchange it under general warranty conditions (see below); this return allows us to further improve our products.

It is by respecting these commitments that we build customer loyalty.

Easy, reliable, durable... it's SBV.


Price, quality, value in use, a successful balance of the SBV brand.

Make the quality of a great brand accessible to all, at the best price, all year round:

SBV's commitment.


1. Warranty Exclusions

The following are excluded from the guarantee:

Consumables (e. g. screw bits, cutter blades, batteries, etc.) and components of certain products subject to normal wear and tear due to their use (e. g. drill bits, strike scissors, etc.). On the other hand, for example, the blade of the scissors is well covered by the warranty if the blade breaks.

This warranty does not cover the following events:

• Alteration of performance or malfunction due to normal wear and tear of products and in particular "wear" parts (cutting tools),

• Defect or damage due to incorrect assembly of the product,

• Incorrect use of the product (too high torque, too much power on a pawl,...)

• Use not in accordance with the use for which the product is designed,

• Changes made to the product,

• Lack of regular product maintenance,

• Pre-existing repair of the product not carried out by SBV,

• Defects or deterioration suffered by accident or fortuitous cause

2. Scope of the project

The warranty is limited to purchases made at SBV resellers by the first purchasing customer.

3. Validity of the guarantee

For it to be valid, it is necessary to return the product not dismantled with the proof of purchase (original invoice) mentioning the date of acquisition, the name of the buyer.

4. Name and address of the guarantor

SBV SPRL registered at the Brussels Trade and Companies Register under VAT number BE 0812-064-895, whose registered office is 3 Rue Abbé Cuypers, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.