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UniStar External Deburring Tool , 8-22mm


External Deburring Tool is perfect for removing burrs from the pipes or threaded rods and more.Quick application with multiple times usage, this tool allows for safe, inexpensive and efficient repairs!


External Deburring Tool

Suitable for:

  • stainless-mildened & mild steel | brass | copper | aluminum | fiber glass | plastic and wood | External deburing tool 8 to 22mm | 3.15 to 8.66 Inch


  1. low speed recommended 500 Rpm's
  2. add more pressure on harder material's
  3. Always use clockwise direction.


  • Do not overspeed to avoid blades of overheating. This will be the result of the damage and will not cut as well. Always wear safety gloves, glasses and proper safety equipment.
  • SBV UniSTAR is perfect for stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper & brass. Also can be used on wood, fiberglass & plastic and more. Conscientious design means no cuts on the outside, sparks, or burns, if proper use. 1/4 "impact shaft for quick use.The head with deburring blades are made of HRC 60 and above extreme hard steel for long life and use on hardened steels.Size 6x4cm ø .