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Adjustable Ratcheting Wrench 250 mm

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Tool very easy to use.  Enjoy the Adjustable Wrench & the Ratchet together!

a. Use of the Ratchet:
- Select "on" on the tool
- Open the jaw to the requested size (up to 26mm)
- Use the tool as a ratchet, no need to replace the Wrench each time

b. Use of the Wrench only:
- Select "off" on the tool
-Open the jaw to the requested size and start working like a traditional wrench


1) Moveable jaw works on any 4 or 6 point fastener up to 26mm
2) High Torque Light weight handle design
3) Ratcheting on/off switch allows wrench to also be used as a traditional adjustable wrench

Height 250mm
Width 70mm
Weight 500gr
Compositions Material: Steel
Styles Opening of the jaw: 35mm Works on any 4 or 6 point fastener
Properties Adjustable Wrench + Ratchet

Range Special Wrenches

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